Page 10 - Lakeside Metal Specialties Interactive Brochure 2020
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Engineering Process

           Lakeside has the resources to assist with the entire sourcing process from beginning to end. Our
        engineering presence in the factory provides continuous support during all stages of the production process.

                                        Staff engineers on site in US
                                         b  Design help and product development
                                         b  Manufacturing process assessment
                                         b  Quality control and functional troubleshooting
                                         b  Aid in finalizing design for manufacturability
                                         b  Help in determining the best manufacturing process for particular parts
                                         b  Establish technical project reviews with customers in the US
                                         b  Initial design review & capability analysis with global manufacturers
                                         b  Build a team environment with our customer & manufacturing teams to cross
                                            functionally support the demand
                                         b  Coordination of technical communication & detail design reviews
                                         b  Ongoing customer support by driving down waste & show continual improvement

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