Page 6 - Lakeside Metal Specialties Interactive Brochure 2020
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What We Do

           Along with the commodities we offer, we take the hassle and complexity out of buying globally which will
        positively impact your business with our full line of solutions:

                                                                    Our Commodities
                                    Precision Machined Castings      Precision Machined Forgings      Metals
                                       Sand                          Plastic Injection                   Steel
                                       Die                           Rubber Molded Parts                 Zinc
                                       Investment                    Electrical Assemblies               Aluminum
                                       Permanent M2L D               PCB Assemblies                      Brass
                                    Mechanical Assemblies            Wiring Harnesses                    Stainless
                                       Stampings                     Quick-to-Market                     Iron
                                       Extrusions                    New Product Development          Plastic
                                       Machining                     Packaged Finished Goods          Nylon
                                       Weldments                                                      PVC

                                           870.586.0147       6
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