Congratulations on Your Retirement Terry!

Terry has been our Purchasing Support for Lakeside Metal Specialties and IPD for more than 13 Years now. He has been working in the metal working industry for over 50 years as a Quality Analyst, Production Manager, Purchasing Manager and Technical Sales Support. Terry will be sorely missed by all his friends at Lakeside! Thank you for your Years of Service to Lakeside Metal Specialties!

If you would like to know more about our services and capabilities email us at or call us at 870-586-0147.

Our Capabilities

Lakeside Metal Specialties supports your manufacturing supply chain, providing cost effective full support solutions.

  • 35+ years of global sourcing experience
  • Inhouse engineering
  • Quality Assurance & Inspection
  • Warehousing in the Central US to support JIT deliveries
  • No hidden costs. Quoted prices include all import / export duties, transportation and administration costs

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