Looking for Custom Aluminum Extrusions?
Lakeside Metal Specialties is Your Ideal Partner.

Are you in search of a dependable partner to meet your OEM Aluminum Extrusion needs? Lakeside Metal Specialties offers world-class capabilities, providing custom OEM parts built to your specifications. Here’s why we are the ideal choice for your project:

Expertise in Aluminum Extrusions
With years of experience and strategic manufacturing, our team has the expertise required to be successful with aluminum extrusion design and manufacturing. We have successfully delivered a wide range of products including complex profiles and value-added post processing. Our knowledge and skill ensure that your OEM parts are produced with precision and adherence to industry standards.

Tailored Customization
We prioritize customization and cater to your project’s unique requirements. Our Sales, Engineering, and Sourcing teams work closely with you to thoroughly understand your specific requirements. Whether you need a certain alloy, surface finish, or coating, we have the expertise to tailor a process to suit your project’s needs.

Timely Delivery
We understand the importance of meeting deadlines. Our streamlined production processes, efficient supply chain management, and close collaboration with partner factories allow us to maintain shorter lead times without compromising on quality. Count on us to deliver your OEM parts promptly, saving you valuable time and ensuring your project stays on schedule.

Customer-Centric Approach
Your satisfaction is our top priority. Our customer-centric approach means that we listen attentively to your needs, offer clear communication, and keep you informed throughout the project. We value your input and feedback, ensuring that the final product meets and exceeds your expectations.

We are able to provide profiles in a variety of sizes in all common aluminum alloys. With a range of machine sizes from 700 to 1600 ton, we are able to meet the needs of virtually any project. We offer powder coating, anodizing, and several surface finish options. Our factories have invested heavily in machining capabilities ranging from punch presses to CNC machines that can handle long length extrusions. Quality and industry accreditations include ISO9001, TUV, Qualanod, and Qualicoat. We are constantly looking for new markets to serve and are willing to onboard the resources needed to support those projects.

Choosing Lakeside Metal Specialties as your manufacturing partner for OEM aluminum extrusions means choosing experience, customization, precision, and responsibility. With a focus on quality, attention to detail, and a dedication to meeting your unique requirements, our team is ready to bring your project to life. Contact us today and discover the difference our expertise can make in delivering top-tier OEM parts tailored precisely to your specifications.

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Our Capabilities

Lakeside Metal Specialties supports your manufacturing supply chain, providing cost effective full support solutions.

  • 35+ years of global sourcing experience
  • Inhouse engineering
  • Quality Assurance & Inspection
  • Warehousing in the Central US to support JIT deliveries
  • No hidden costs. Quoted prices include all import / export duties, transportation and administration costs

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